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    14 Januari 2020

    40 Jaar #Johnrambo497 1980 - 2020 https://search.mibbit.com/search/%23Johnrambo497
  4. No Readers' Corner Chat on April 20th for Easter, Passover holidays. Please join us for our next chat in #readers_corner at 8:30 P.M. (EST) April 27, 2019 -- 00:30 A.M. (GMT) April 28 -- for a discussion of "The City Born Great" by N. K. Jemisin. This contemporary story is provided by Tor.com, a site for science fiction, fantasy, and all the things that interest SF and fantasy readers. It publishes original fiction, art, and commentary on science fiction and related subjects by a wide range of writers from all corners of the field. This story is not science fiction (I am not sure what category it fits into), but it is an entertaining and thought provoking read. The story is available on line at: https://www.tor.com/2016/09/28/the-city-born-great/ The #Readers_Corner is available at Koach.com Webchat: http://koach.com/chatlogin.php?chan=readers_corner mIRC Users: /server -m chat3.koach.com:6667 -j #readers_corner I hope to see you all at our chat. Don't forget to bring a friend.
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  8. Lizzie

    Current Desktop

    Odd is not the only one dealing with bad weather. This alert woke us all this morning. Every cell phone in the house went off. In case you can't make out the time It was 3:27 EDT!
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  10. Lizzie

    A visit to Alpine

    A street sign near Stormy.
  11. Koach

    Letttttt's get ready to rumble!

    I think I was approaching this the wrong way. Sparrow, the big female lets her know beyond any shadow of a doubt who is the boss. Panda backs off when Sparrow tells her no. I have been more forceful recently and that seems to be improving things. lol
  12. Koach

    A visit to Alpine

  13. Johnrambo497

    Chatroom Mibbit.png

  14. Lizzie

    A visit to Alpine

    This is Stormy's mailbox!
  15. Johnrambo497

    Chatroom Mibbit.png

  16. Johnrambo497

    39 Years #Johnrambo497 !!!!!

    En d´r #Koach de #Chatrooms Comming From The #Mibbit :O And I Have A "#Mibbit #Chatroom" Boss Above the Boss !!!!!
  17. En d´r #Koach de #Chatrooms :D Comming From The #Mibbit :O And I Have A "#Mibbit #Chatroom" :D Boss Above the Boss :P:P:P 


    Chatroom Mibbit.png

    1. Johnrambo497


      Mibbit -----> Koach -----> Chatrooms

      39 Years IRC :P  https://search.mibbit.com/search/%23Johnrambo497


  18. Johnrambo497

    John Fiets(3).JPG

    This is My bicycle !!!!!
  19. Johnrambo497

    John Fiets(1).jpg

    This is My bicycle
  20. Johnrambo497

    John Fiets(2).jpg

    This is My bicycle
  21. Johnrambo497

    John Duiker Egypte.jpg

    John Old Diver CMAS 3***Stars Diver NOB/ CMAS
  22. Johnrambo497

    John Fiets(3).JPG

  23. Johnrambo497

    John Fiets(1).jpg

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