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Terms of Use

By using any of the services provided by Koach.com, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions specified in this Terms of Use.

Our Goal

The ultimate goal of Koach.com is to provide a safe, clean, and fun environment where friends may meet and interact with each other in our chat rooms and in our message forums. Our chat rooms and forums are designed for people 18 years old and older and we expect that level of behavior and maturity from the people using Koach.com.
Koach.com is not a commercial network and cannot make any guarantees concerning uptime, lag, or overall server performance. However, our goal is to provide a stable chat service and message forum that will be online 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.
Koach.com does not control or endorse the content, the messages, the information, or the actions of the users on this server. Therefore, Koach.com specifically disclaims any liability with regard to the use of this network. Additionally, Koach.com reserves the right to deny access to our chat network or our forum to any user for any reason without warning.
To help Koach.com achieve its goals, users must follow the rules explained in this Terms Of Use document.

Keep Your Activities Legal

Koach.com does not allow any illegal activities. You may not use Koach.com to publish, post, or distribute obscene, or other unlawful material or information. You must respect the rights of artists and other creators. Content such as music, photos and video may be protected by copyright. People appearing in content may have a right to control use of their image. You may not share other people's content unless you own the rights or have permission from the owner.
Do not send files to other users that contain photos, software or other material protected by intellectual property laws, rights of privacy or publicity or any other applicable law unless you own or control the rights thereto or have received all necessary consents. Do not distribute any materials (including software and other information) that could harm (or is designed to harm) other users' computers or that would allow others to inappropriately access software or Web sites.
Koach.com may not be used to distribute pornography. Since Koach.com cannot monitor the content of files being sent from one user to another, ALL picture trading chat rooms are prohibited on Koach.com. Koach.com is not responsible for any file sent from one user to another and recommends you never accept a file from another user while connected to Koach.com.

Respect The Rights Of Other Users

Treat each other with mutual respect. Do not use the Koach.com to threaten, harass, stalk, or abuse other users. Refrain from all expressions of bigotry, racism, hatred, or profanity. Koach.com reserves the right to deny any user access to Koach.com for any reason at any time without prior warning.

Data Loss

Koach.com will diligently back up the databases it uses to run our chat server and our forum. However, it is possible that the databases could accidentally become damaged or lost. Koach.com may not be held accountable for any lost data resulting from any hardware or software problem, or for any other reason.

Registered Nicknames

Users of Koach.com may register (reserve) their nickname to ensure it will always be available for them when they connect to chat. Koach.com recommends that everyone register their nickname to avoid arguments and confusion in chat rooms. Users wanting to register a chat room, or that want to host in a registered chat room must have a registered nickname. Owners of nicknames must use and IDENTIFY once every 30 days or they will become unregistered and will become available for any other user. For more information about registering a chat room, connect to Koach.com chat and type:
/nickserv help register
You may also register your chat nickname online: Register a Nickname
You may also join #HelpDesk or #KoachsWorkShop and request help.

Creating Dynamic Chat rooms

Dynamic Chat Rooms are chat rooms that are temporarily owned by the user that created them. Dynamic Chat Rooms will continue to exist only as long as the chat room remains open. Once the chat room closes, any user may reopen the chat room and assume temporary, or permanent, ownership of the room. If you are interested in permanently owning a chat room, please read the Registered Chat Rooms section below.
Dynamic Chat Room names and topics may not refer to commercial websites, or contain references to sexual body parts, sex acts, vulgarity, pornography, or illegal activities in any context. Repeated chat room name and topic violations will result in the closure of the chat room. Users that continually open chat rooms that violate our Terms of Use will be banned from Koach.com.
The creator of a dynamic chat room temporarily acts as the chat room Founder. The Founder may allow other chatters to manage the chat room. By participating in a dynamic chat room, the Founder and the people he appoints to help him manage the channel agree to be bound to the rules of that chat room and by our Terms of Use. Koach.com reserves the right to close any Dynamic Chat room, without warning, for violations of our Terms of Use.

Registered Chat Rooms

Registered chat rooms are chat rooms that are owned by a user with a registered nick. Other users may join the chat room, but will be unable to become a host in the room unless the chat room owner (the chat room Founder) makes them a host. Registered chat rooms are safe from room takeovers as long as the chat room owner keeps the chat room's password secure, and as long as the chat room Founder keeps his nickname registered. For more information about registering a chat room, ask for help in #Helpdesk or #KoachsWorkShop
Registered Chat Room names and topics may not contain references to sexual body parts, sex acts, vulgarity, pornography, or illegal activities in any context. Although you may initially be able to register a room with a name that violates our Terms of Use, the room will be closed as soon as we discover it.
Owners of Registered Chat Rooms agree to abide by the conditions of our Terms of Use, and to do their best to provide a safe, clean and fun chat environment. Koach.com reserves the right to close any Registered Chat Room, without warning, for violations of our Terms of Use. Koach.com also reserves the right to change ownership of a chat room from one user to another should we feel the need to do so. Owning a registered chat room on Koach.com should not be seen as a right, but as a privilege.
The room Founder of any registered chat room must login and IDENTIFY once every 30 days or their nickname will expire and their chat room will then become unregistered. If this happens, your nickname and room name will become available for any user that wishes to register the chat room or the nickname as their own.

Spam Policy

Spam is defined as any message or notice sent unsolicited to a group of users on Koach.com. Spamming is a serious violation of online etiquette and will not be tolerated. Spamming includes (but is not limited to) mass chat room invites, mass advertising of websites, and advertising of any commercial business. Users involved in spamming can expect to be quickly, and perhaps permanently, removed from the Koach.com chat service.

Protect Yourself While Online

Koach.com strongly cautions you not to give out personal information (such as social security numbers, credit card numbers, real names, addresses, phone numbers, driver license numbers, etc) to people you meet online. Additionally, you should never reveal your registered chat room password or your nickname password to another user.
Please remember, no representative of Koach.com, will ever ask you for personal information while online. All confidential information sent to or from Koach.com will be handled via email.

Bot Policy

Koach.com recognizes that bots are a part of IRC and therefore, permits the use of bots. Eggdrops, and other non-Koach.com bots, should be registered with Koach.com so that we know who to contact should there be a problem with your bot. To register your bot. email admin@koach.com with the following information:
  • The bot's registered nickname (all bots should have a registered nickname).
  • The chat rooms where the bot will be used.
  • A description of the bot (eggdrop, mirc script, etc).
  • Your reason for running the bot (games, testing, development, additional chat room control, or just for fun).
  • Your registered nickname
  • A valid email (in case your bot goes nuts and we have to kill/ban it; so we can contact you).

Any bots used to flood users or chat rooms, used to take over chat rooms, used to spam, used to attack Koach.com or anyone else, or used to otherwise become a nuisance will be promptly removed from Koach.com. Repeated offenses may result in a permanent ban for the bot and its owner.


Some proxy servers allow unrestricted access to anyone, meaning that anyone can use these computers, and thus their IP addresses, for any purpose they wish, including disrupting chat rooms, flooding users, flooding networks, or worse. For that reason, Koach.com scans each connection for known proxies and automatically bans them. If you don't understand what a proxy is, don't worry about it. If you are using one, you may eventually be detected and removed from Koach.com. If you are using a legitimate proxy and need your IP address to be exempted from scanning, please contact koach@koach.com.

Uphold our Terms of Use

In order to help Koach.com make this network a great place to meet and chat with others, you must do your part to uphold this Terms of Use. Koach.com reserves the right to immediately terminate or suspend access to Koach.com for violations of our Terms of Use. Koach.com also reserves the right to amend or change the Code of Conduct at any time without notice. By using Koach.com, you agree to periodically review this document to ensure that you are doing your part to make Koach.com a clean, safe and fun place to chat, and that you agree to uphold the terms described in this TOU.

Last updated: June 16, 2011

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