Saturday November 27, 2021

About Koach.com

Koach.com first opened on June 5, 1998. Since then, we have gone through many changes. We've tried different chat staff, different servers, different hosts for our websites, and different webchats.

But, there are two things that have never changed. First, we are a free service and always will be. Second, we go out of our way to help new chatters. In fact, our motto is, "We remember what it's like to be new." Of course, we'll also do our best to help experienced chatters, so regardless of your chat experience, our IRCops will try to find the answers to your questions about chat or our forum. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with questions about other chat services. So, please keep your questions related to Koach.com.

Although you'll find both our forum and our chat service easy and safe to use, you may occasionally need help. When you do, please join #HelpDesk and ask for help. If there is no one available to help you in #HelpDesk, please join #KoachsWorkShop and ask if there is an IRCop available. To join either of those chat rooms, people using mIRC or other IRC chat clients should type: /join #helpdesk or /join #koachsworkshop.

Web chat users should use these urls: http://koach.com/chatlogin.php?chan=helpdesk



To help ensure your privacy and safety while using Koach.com, we automatically cloak (or hide) your IP address when you connect to our chat rooms. Additionally, any messages you post in our forum will hide your IP address.

Almost any chat client may be used on Koach.com without any special modifications or scripts. However, if wish to use a script, you certainly may. To connect with mIRC, and most other chat clients just type: /server chat.koach.com

For people unfamiliar with mIRC, Ice Chat, MS Chat 2.5, and other chat clients, we offer several web chats. For more information about all our various chat options, please visit: http://web.koach.com/chat.php

Registered nicknames, registered chat rooms, and vHosts

We recommend that you register your chat nickname to prevent your nick from being impersonated by other chatters. Also, if you register your chat nickname, we can assign it a custom vHost (or virtual host) that completely hides your IP address. This will further increase your online security while you chat at koach.com. For more information about vHosts, please visit here:

You may register your chat nickname using this link:


Koach.com encourages chatters to create and run their own chat rooms. Room registration is easy once you register your nickname. For help, join #helpdesk or #koachsworkshop and ask if there are any IRCops available. You may also use our "Contact" page:


or use email ( help@koach.com ).

Koach.com also offers a number of game chat rooms. For more information about our game chat rooms, please visit:


Our Forum

Our forum is a place where our members share and discuss a wide variety of topics. We have forums for general messages, recipes, pets, birthdays, reading (short story discussions), jokes, tech discussions, and much more. To sign up, visit:


All we ask from you is that you read and follow our Terms of Use (TOU). You will see that Koach.com does not allow vulgar, commercial, or illegal posts in our forums nor do we allow chat room names or chat room topics that are vulgar or relate to commercial or illegal activities. Any post in our forum, or any chat room name or topic that violates our TOU, will be quickly removed or changed. So, please take a few minutes and read our TOU.


You will also find a lot of information about our chat in our forum:


I think you'll agree with us, Koach.com has a lot to offer. Please sign up today and become part of our online community.

If you have any comments or questions about Koach.com, please use one of the contact points below.

Contact Us form: http://web.koach.com./contact.php

or email:


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