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February 23, 2019 "The Guests" by H. H. Munro


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Please join us for our next chat in #readers_corner at 8:30 P.M. (EST) on February 23, 2019 [01:30 A.M. (GMT), February 24th], for a discussion of "The Guests"  by H. H. Munro. 

Hector Hugh Munro (18 December 1870 – 14 November 1916), perhaps better known under his pen name: Saki was a British writer.  His father was an inspector general for the Imperial Police of the British Raj; his mother a daughter of a British admiral.  His mother died when he was two years old and Munro and his siblings were sent to live under the strict rules of his maiden aunts in England.  He completed his education and joined the British colonial police service, serving as had his father, as a police official in Burma.  Due to several debilitating bouts of fever, he was medically discharged and sent back to England where he turned attention to literary pursuits.  On the outbreak of the First World War, Munro, at the age of 43 enlisted in the British army.  He was killed in combat and is buried in an unmarked grave in the war zone.  

This story, set on the estate of a British expatriate family in the Indian Raj, is most probably based on his memories of his familiarity with life there.  It's a humorous tale, as related by the wife of a expatriate to a fellow English woman.  I think you will find the story amusing.

The story is available from ReadPrint.com at:  http://www.readprint.com/work-4900/The-Guests-H-H-Munro/contents

As usual we will meet in the #readers_corner channel:

     Webchat:  http://koach.com/cha...=readers_corner  

     mIRC Users:  /server -m chat3.koach.com:6667 -j #readers_corner

I  hope to see you all for the chat.  Don't forget to bring a friend.

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