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OK, we have a new sub-forum for Web Development.  We need Web Developers and those who always wanted to know about Web stuff but were afraid to ask to post their questions and answers here.  I'll start with off with a question.


Can anyone define Web Development in terms I can understand,  Are we talking building an html file for a home page or developing multi-player online role playing games or both of those things and everything in between?


Answers please ---



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From what I understand, it's those things and many more.

Some of the most important things these days in Web Development is making pages show more content, more images and more money making links and yet load fast enough that the viewer doesn't become bored or disinterested waiting for it to open.

Another thing is to make whe WWW available to all and sundry, irregardless of any disabilities they may suffer.

I'm sure there are many other challenges in Web development, such as "scaling" or making the same page viewable and understandable no matter the device used for viewing, such as: I use a 32" TV for a surfing monitor, other use tablets, phones, laptops, etc. The developer needs to assure that an individual with any of these devices will see basically the same thing.

This is far from a complete list, but hopefully it will help.


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