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10 genuine cinematic famous personalities


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1 - Lucy Whitmore in the movie First Dates 50 original.jpg

Michelle Falbots wake up every day next to the man trying to convince her that her husband, despite the lack of Know it then shows her a photo album of their marriage 13 years ago to assure the health of his words even Incredible, Michelle started to suffer from memory loss is repeated every day what makes them do not remember events Yesterday remember all the details of her life until 1994 and then can not remember anything as a result of Two incidents of road damaged Bmakrtha. Michelle is the same character Lucy Whitmore started Carried out by Drew Barry Moore with Adam Sandler in the movie 50 First Dates
2 - Zorro in the movie The Mask Of Zorro

Personal Zorro defender of the poor and the population of the US state of California against tyrants The famous black fatigues and conviction derived from personal Joaquin Murrieta, who appeared In California in the fifties of the nineteenth century, when being Spanish rule, was considered by some as head of a gang in what some see as a hero Mexican, but some politicians are personal Zorro symbol of resistance to the Anglo culture American in California, the film shows the role of Zorro Antonio Banderas, who is Revenge of the killer of his brother, Captain Love.


3 - Victor Navorska The Terminal

The Terminal film revolves around the hero, who, in turn, Tom Hanks, which is located
Victim as a result of stricter laws and political complexities where forced to stay at the airport for several
Months as a result of a coup in his country and the loss of his passport and is derived from film events
The true story of Mehran Nasseri Iranian citizen who spent at least
28-year-old in the lounge number one Charles de Gaulle Airport, France as a result of the loss of his papers
And not to accept any country hosted, the difference in the film is the fact that the director
Steven Spielberg made the hero of Eastern Europe and the airport as well as the US-term
Spent, Mehran was moved to the hospital in 2006 and was demolished desks
At the airport.
4 - Hanna Schmitz in the film The Readeroriginal.jpg


Played Kate Winslet, The Reader in the film, which tells the story of a criminal life
Nazi war, the role of Elsie Koch, which was responsible for a wife camps
Arrest and has many of the right of prisoners of war crimes, which are derived from the story
Hannah Schmitz, who came from a poor family and married a close friend of Adolf Hitler
Who was appointed in charge of one of the concentration camps and became responsible for
The camp guards and many of the processes of torture and rape of detainees,
Has been trial and punishment of life imprisonment to decide to end her life, as happened
In the film, but the difference that the film to make it correspond to the old boyfriend, who sent her many
Strips during her incarceration in the fact that they met with her son, who sent her poetry books.
5 - Raymond Babbitt in the movie Rain Man

Raymond Babbitt character brilliantly performed by Dustin Hoffman in the movie Rain Man Inspired by a real character Kim Beck that appeared to light after his interview Starter Scenario Barry Moore adding the last of his role Dustin Hovan, and after the success of The film, Kim spent 21 years reviewing mental potential of more than 64 million people Around the world, where Kim can remember 98% of what he read and heard and saw, human Normal remembers only 45%, and it can read and remember books older than 9 years and saves thousands of book recalls.


6 - Norman Bates in the movie Pyscho



Character Norman Bates psychiatric patient who is believed to be dead and his mother, and keeps
Bjttha in the cellar, hotel guests want to kill derived from the story of Edward again, a
A psychopath and serial killer was arrested state of the US and Askinson
In 1957 on charges of murder and stole the bodies of an infinite number of women because they remembered
His mother of the deceased as well as flay their skin to make lamps caps, socks and analyzed
Women in the hope of transforming it to a woman, was considered insane and spent his life in a psychiatric clinic.
7 - Laurel Hadera in the movie Catwoman
Some believe that the character of Laurel Hadera, which played a role Sharon Stone, in
Catwoman movie based on the life story of Heather Byrd defending products
Resistance to the effects of time and despite that Heather is not evil, as featured in the movie
There are several similarities between the two characters where both Blondes Heather was born in
Salt Lake City in the US was the lauryl Hadera live in the same city.
8 - Rocky Balboa in the movie Rocky
Derived Sylvester Stallone character, Rocky Balboa, in the movie Rocky personal
Chuck and Ebenr submerged boxer who managed to play a game with Muhammad Ali Year
1975 World Heavyweight Championship is considered by many important, but with the game was proceeding
Enables Chuck Clay of rhythm on the ground blow to the chest, but lost in the end
The last round where Clay was able to eliminate it.
9 - Emily Rose in the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose
The film, which tells about the trial for the death of a young woman named Emily Rose as a result of an attempt to expel
Evil spirits by a priest was built based on the true story of a German teenager
Annelies is Michelle, 16, has started to show symptoms of demonic made
Suffer for years of paralysis, hunger, torture itself and satanic visions came up
Ksasan tried to expel evil spirits them for 10 months to die as a result of hunger,
Were referred her parents and priests on trial for involuntary manslaughter and sentenced to
Sentenced to 6 months.
10 - Christie clown in the series The Simpsons
Personal Clown Christie preferred provider programs with Bart and Lisa in the series
Simpson is a personal Inspired Serial Starter Gharwining died from C. Yen
Who made the role of a real clown in his Rusty Nails, and who used Matt
View it as a child and was the most famous children's programs at the time.
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