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Pictures: 10 most terrifying places in the world


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1-The gate of hell in Turkmenistan, a oil field burn the Soviets 40 years ago



2-Tuol Sleng Museum of Genocide in Cambodia. This was Hall High School in the past, before it turns into a prison in 1975 and as a means to torture and kill prisoners.



3-You can feel the presence of more than 17,000 of these victims wandering the halls and hear the sound of crying and screaming, confessing things that do not.



4-Using the shadow of death in New Jersey, where a number of known exposure Mrtade killed by the thief to strike his victims on their heads before they bury them beside the road



5-Road of Death in New Jersey



6-HOME suicides in Florida, where all commit suicide than live in it



7-Spending mines which turned to the catacombs of death in Paris



8-Basements of death in the mines of Paris



9-Hills Cruces in Lithuania



10-Can hear the cries of weeping in front of the statue until today, which makes it an exciting place for horror



11-Jatinga village in Assam in India, where the birds die from passers-by there between seven o'clock Asahh the tenth day without being aware of how one of those birds died



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