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Hawawshy is a public spicy BBQ in Egypt. It is made from mince-meat and bread that has a delicious taste and an attractive smell. You can make it easily in your kitchen.




Ready in: 45 min



- Wheat bread.
- 1 pound mince-meat.
- An onion.
- Cubes of fat meat.
- Salt, ginger, nutmeg, paprika, cinnamon and any kind of spices.
1- Mix all ingredients into a bowl.
2- Halve bread from inside.
3- Place half of grease between bread.
4- Spread meat in the base of bread.
5- Spread the rest of grease in a frying pan.
6- Cover them with foil.
7- Put them into oven around a half hour.
8- Take them out from oven and cut Hawawshy. Enjoy.
Pictured Method
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