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Egyptian Fattah


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Fattah is a slight meal, delicious, easy and instant. It is a famous in Eid El-Adha and Ramadan of Muslims. It contains rice, roasted bread and meat. A pound of Fattah contains on around 780 k.cal, 6.8% fat, 18% carbohydrates and 7.5% protein.








Ready in: 45 min.



- 2 cup boiled rice.
- Some bread.
- Meat soup.
- 2 tsp mashed garlic.
- 1 tablespoon gee.
- Salt.
- 1/4 cup white vinegar,
Preparation of the body
1- Cut bread into small pieces in a frying pan.
2. Roast bread in a little gee or oil.
3- Place roasted bread in a deep bowl and add the hot soup.
4- Stir bread slightly and spread rice on it.
Preparation of sauce
1- Redden garlic in a tablespoon of gee until have a golden color.
2- Turn the heat down, then add vinegar and sprinkle salt.
3- Spread garlic sauce on rice surface.
Finally, you can put some meat cubes on rice. Enjoy  :).
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