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Bashamel Pasta


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Bashamel Pasta is an Egyptian dish that is made from Pasta, flour sauce and filled with spiced meat. A lot of restaurants in Egypt serve Bashamel Pasta with tomato sauce and Mozzarella cheese.





Ready in: 45 min.



- Boiled large pasta.
- 1 minced tomato.
- Mince-meat.
- 1 tsp mashed garlic.
- 2 tablespoon tomato sauce.
- Salt and spices as you like.
- 1 cup flour.
- 1 liter milk.
- 2 butter cubes.
- An onion.
Bashamel paste
1- Mix milk and flour.
2- Put the mix on heat and stir until flour is dissolved.
3- Add salt and spices with stirring.
4- Add butter and stir until the structure becomes thick.
5- Put the heat out.
1- Fry the onion in oil.
2- Add meat and stir to be brownish.
3- Add garlic, tomato and tomato paste with stirring.
Bashamel adding
1- Place pasta in a deep bowl and pour the half of bashamel.
2- Stir pasta with paste well (you can add some cheese).
3- Grease the oven pan and sprinkle some rusk on it.
4- Add a lay of pasta in the pan.
5- Spread meat over pasta.
6- Add the rest of pasta above meat.
7- Add the rest of bashamel (flour paste).  
8- Spray cheese over pasta.
9- Put pasta in the oven around 30 min.
10- Let it cool and cut it into cubes.
Pictured Method
Bashamel paste
Bashamel adding


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