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'Decision' by Frank M. Robinson


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Please join us at 8:30 pm (eastern daylight savings time), Saturday the 30th of March to discuss the short story Decision by Frank M. Robinson.  The story was written sixty years ago at the start of the cold war and will bring back memories of the "duck and cover" era to many of us.  In many ways, however, the story is just as topical today and I think we will all enjoy discussing it, and its various implications.  

The story can be found at:  http://moonlightstories.magick7.com/1/118/1967.htm


Meeting place: #Readers_Corner

Webchat Users: 

IRC Users: /server -m chat3.koach.com -i #readers_corner6667


As usual, free cookies and virtual merlot to anyone bringing a new chatter to #Readers_Corner.  See you there.


Log of chat attached:  readers log 04 06 2013.rtf

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