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Transparent objects


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Almighty says, addressing those atheists who claim that the universe was found by accident: (This is God's creation show me why Him who created but the wrongdoers are in manifest error) [Luqman: 11] ... Insured constant need for God creatures hopes to grow in faith and certainty that the Great Creator ... How to create these creatures and mocked her livelihood and survival.


God has made ​​for some parts transparent creatures and mocked her to help her to earn a living and defeat its enemies ... Consider:


Butterfly with transparent wings, we see clearly through the butterfly wing and this helps to scare enemies because this strange shape is common in the animal world, and therefore God has given her this way is strange to protect herself ... Glory to God!





A transparent fish head ... Glory great Creator! Show parts of her brain which is already a scary fish to its enemies, God has ridiculed this transparency as a means of protection without power or strength ... This great Creator: Are unable to pay evil and harm believer says: There is no god but Allah?!





Here we see a frog transparent and beautiful, it is one of the creatures of God through which we see the greatness of the Almighty Creator




Transparent sea squid flashing eyes and find his way in the darkness of the sea in search of prey feed on them. Imagine that God has not forgotten this creature of bounty Let him livelihoods and living!





Jellyfish (Sea lung) God gave him very sensitive sensors sees his way and realizes its prey





Marine animal squid glow red and purple, there are more than 300 different species of this animal live in the seas.





Marine snail transparent has the ability to take multiple forms, and in this image takes the form of "heart".






A transparent fish called cowfish God provided them with the ability to sparkle






This sea creature last has the ability to broadcast incandescent light in bright colors, and this helped him to intimidate his enemies and protect itself from risk.





We say "Hallelujah" who created everything and said: (which is the kingdom of the heavens and the earth did not take the boy did not have a partner in King and created everything in due proportions)


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