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The difference between the message and letter


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The following examples explain The difference between the message and letter




message [countable]


1 a spoken or written piece of information that you send to another person or leave for them


Did you get my message?


message from


There's a message from Karen on the answerphone.


message for


I have an urgent message for you.


He left a message saying he would probably be a little late.


I use the internet mainly for sending email messages.


I'm sorry, she's out right now, can I take a message?


He wanted me to pass on a message to the police.


The family would like to express their thanks to all those who sent messages

of sympathy after Jack's tragic accident




letter [countable]


a written or printed message that is usually put in an envelope and sent by mail


letter from/to


I got a long letter from Melanie today.


Bart's writing a letter to his parents.




post a letter British English /mail a letter American English


Could you post this letter for me?


a letter of thanks/introduction/complaint etc


Julie received a letter of apology from the hospital.

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