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Does money make happiness


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Money is not the key to happiness. On the contrary, family, marriage, relatives, friends, the social relations network, are important factors for happiness, independent from financial wealth.

Usually people become richer as they age. However this is not necessarily accompanied by more happiness.


More money does not mean more happiness. No one can argue against the fact that a minimum necessary of financial power is needed in order to satisfy basic needs. Nevertheless this level is relatively low.


In people the relativity of their income is more important than its absolute value. People do not feel rich if they do not compare their own situation with others. But no matter how well off is someone financially wise, there is always somebody else who will be in a better situation.


A result of this, is the fact that as soon as people achieve their aims, they immediately put new and higher targets to reach. Automatically the hopes for happiness change level. The necessary precondition to make people happy is then the achievement of these new higher and more difficult aims.


For many people life is a continuous search of what they want instead of being the search of satisfaction and happiness.


The relativity of the feelings of satisfaction and happiness, is well

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