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Stupid thief in the history of Germany is seeking to rob a bank with a toy gun


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Described the German authorities branded a thief banks after his arrest as "stupid" Germany was a thief, and the reason he tried to rob a bank branch closed its doors years ago, and ended up in prison.



The press reported on Saturday that the court had ordered the imprisonment of the thief when he tried to implement an armed robbery on a bank branch closed its doors for more than 3 years and a toy gun in the city of Valhom rubber.



Remember, court records said the thief was shocked when he discovered that the bank had closed its doors and plans of stealing the bank failed, therefore we decided to move to Plan B and threatened a woman who was passing in the street in front of him, and forced her to withdraw some money from the ATM.

The records of the case that the thief demanded a ransom of 10 thousand euros in the first, but later forced the women to withdraw 400 euros in cash from their account, provided the money

She described the newspaper "Bild" German thief as "dumbest bank robber in the history of Germany," and the rule of the thief (aged 57 years) in prison several years that the charges


He escaped thief car stolen left to later, but left in them gun doll, and by his fingerprints, the court heard the confession of the accused guilty, it was found that it is not the first time, convicted of the misdemeanors and crimes, as was previously sentenced to two and twenty felony different.


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