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2007:04/01 On the Gulls' Road - Willa Cather


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What an interesting chat last night and a real mixed review and opinion of the story.

We had 8 active particpants and the average ranking was 3.5


Interesting discussion points involved the author and the narrator's gender and whether a woman could tell a story as a man (and whether she was telling the story as a man) believably. We also had fun discussing our favorite passages, their meaning, and debating the likeability of several characters.


There was a lightbulb moment for me when I learned Aphrodite and Venus were the same. I also learned why I have such a deep down affinity for the sea and beaches (Thanks Smiley).


Here are some additional reference links provided by Koach, Star, and myself:




http://www.questia.com/PM.qst;jsessionid=GQgZVx1982vJlnWYkSTz5BQ80TpnC5hyTp9NDgJ hL9DsRwspJ19v!-586180313!2096763476?a=o&d=37413201




We ran short on time, and during the wrap-up Star provided 3 additional items to

comment on in this forum:


[21:41] <Star> (poe overtones) - in the fashionof poe, the narrator broods over alexandra for the rest of his life

[21:41] <Star> (her knowledge of plants) - the vine described was most likely dodder which is a garden parasite that lives by sucking the life its host plant, eventually killing it

[21:41] <Star> (her use of colors) - highly repetititve and emphasizing the yellow-orange-red end of the spectrum


Thank you all for making Sunday Nights something I look forward to.


Link to Log: http://koach.com/Attachments/Gulls_Road_Log_4-1-07.zip

Individual Rankings for this story were: 3,1,5,5,4,3

Ranking Scale:


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