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2007:03/25 The Innocence of Father Brown - G.K.Chesterton


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Last night was the smallest group we have had since starting Readers_Chat. There were 8 attendees in our discussion of this story and 5 rankings. The average ranking for the story was 4.6


My apology again to all for the time change.


As ever, we had a fun and active chat. Everyone who participated brought something new to the story I had not seen. One of the most interesting items was brought up by Star who mentioned the overabundant use of the word Silver throughout the Story. We are looking for some follow-up research about this and the potential symbolism.


We also discussed a future time where we all might independently read a few more Chesterton stories (Father Brown in particular) and compare the writing style change over the years. Then we discussed doing the same with other authors we have enjoyed so much (eg Poe). This idea has strong merit and be sure we will explore it further.


To our regulars who couldn't make it - we missed you ! See you next week I hope !





Individual Rankings for this story were: 5, 5, 5, 4, 4

Ranking Scale:


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