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2007:02/18 The Purloined Letter by Poe


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Our chat on 2-18-07 was SO Poe-esque !


10 readers participated (with a few late arrivals but it was great to see them!) and the average rating for the story was 3.6 (see detail below). The log from the session is attached.


We discussed following up on a few items and continuing the discussion in this thread.

Here were some additional items we want to know more about or follow up on:


1. Some analysis was mentioned that cites the 'real' names of the alphabetized characters in Poe's work. D____, G_____ <G = Gisquet?>. Where can this analysis be found and/or what additional deciphering can we do of this ?


2. Another analysis was referred to that spoke of Dupin and the Minister as actual brothers and the rivalry started there, not with the episode in Vienna. Please tell us more !


3. We were curious about the readership profile back then. "... what was the literacy rate in 1840...maybe 50 percent? ... What were other publications at that time ? (ie, what were people reading?) ... poes audience probably spoke french land could read greek and latin, and was probably well versed in the classics..."


4. Anon told us about "Entombed" by Linda Fairstein ... Has a lot of references to Poe, Modern day serial killer, using deaths from Poe's stories. Here is an amazon.com link to the novel and a brief quote: http://www.amazon.com/Entombed-Linda-Fairstein/dp/0743254880 " "...Just in case Poe ever has his own category on Alex's favorite TV show, there

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