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  1. When my friend Claudell posted this on FB
  2. Before and after same wall 2 angles
  3. Toolbox assembled IMG_0395.HEIC
  4. Now that's a Sicilian family!
  5. Yes, I was driving. A friend was taking the picture. Our kids were in the vehicle and his kids said "splash dad!"
  6. This morning Stormy and I were talking about the importance of veterans. I am proud of my father-in-law and brother-in-law.
  7. MSRP was $37850, sold it for $36852 plus tax and license minus $2000 in rebates A funny story surrounding this transaction. The client called and said "you sold me a car 20 years ago, remember? And I did because of his name and accent. So I ordered the Mustang, got through the delays, and saved him from the crazy pricing due to the shortages.
  8. Last car I delivered was in May. Ordered this Mustang in April, took extra time due to chip shortages. Delivered 7/28
  9. I am ranked as a "new" member who joined in 2011?
  10. In my travels yesterday: https://www.thebackabbey.com
  11. No, sold it in around 2010 for $27000
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