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  1. It's true. I did carpet.
  2. Before and after same wall 2 angles
  3. Toolbox assembled IMG_0395.HEIC
  4. Fast forward 40 years
  5. Now that's a Sicilian family!
  6. Yes, I was driving. A friend was taking the picture. Our kids were in the vehicle and his kids said "splash dad!"
  7. This morning Stormy and I were talking about the importance of veterans. I am proud of my father-in-law and brother-in-law.
  8. MSRP was $37850, sold it for $36852 plus tax and license minus $2000 in rebates A funny story surrounding this transaction. The client called and said "you sold me a car 20 years ago, remember? And I did because of his name and accent. So I ordered the Mustang, got through the delays, and saved him from the crazy pricing due to the shortages.
  9. Last car I delivered was in May. Ordered this Mustang in April, took extra time due to chip shortages. Delivered 7/28
  10. I am ranked as a "new" member who joined in 2011?
  11. In my travels yesterday: https://www.thebackabbey.com
  12. No, sold it in around 2010 for $27000
  13. I have the Ring cameras and app, and it was on by default. I disabled it because a) I don't wanna share my connection, b) my camera only shows the walkway (trees in the way), and c) If the PD needs it I would give it to them freely.
  14. Since this has been an ongoing issue, and you are suggesting Mibbit. Why not make the link at Koach.com point to Mibbit? Just sayin' ...
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