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  1. problem solved; thank you Koach!

    /server chat.koach.com   never used a command since servers are in my connection folder and has worked for 6 years but command kinda forced connected me.

    This old dog learned a new trick, LOL

  2. Arrangement In Black And White

    by Dorothy Parker


    This is a short story that is almost 100 years old that still stands up to the test of time.  The tribal politics and socials views are present in this story, albeit in a more nascent manner. This is a short-short story that I feel is entertaining.


    I am submitting this story as a suggestion for #ReadersCorner.

    Thank you


    There is a YouTube audio reading of story as well:

    *???????? ??3 ??????? ?? ????? ?? ???????? ????:*


  3. *sigh* Words are too baroque of  a medium to express myself. 


    I liked and respected Blondie, which is a very strong combination of emotions. I also liked the idea that you two were married. Chat has lost a wonderful and irreplaceable influence.  I pray God soothes your heart, Stormy.

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