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  1. Its does but its actually water, it's a technique in photography, you leave the shutter speed open in your dsl camera, which in turn makes the water movements appear to look like gas... the same technique can be applied to a moving car at night or to the sky moment of the clouds..
  2. This photo was taken on the sea shore of the city of Jeddah KSA.
  3. I merged the games from coast to coast, heard my spirit ache for much more, I walked all over the place in circles I looked out my door I felt the breathes of air switched in a matter of day from the last time I took a breathes to the moment am feeling the sound of the wind grow beside my chest.. I felt the wind switch from the hot summer storm to the cool wind of raining nights. The window was vast opened the mighty wind marched its army past all obstacles that were standing by.. The trees kneeled to the ground begging mercy no more.. I kept my movement silent as I watched my heart telling me don’t move its an epic war slaughter massacre that would take place in front of my window.. I heard my heart rush as the wind conquered the plain and made everything just fall down asking to be relieved of all pains.. you said it won’t be long and it will be over… no I watched the wind was cold and everyone was asleep but the trees that thought they stood hard with strong feet. Yes I was beside the trees and a soldier that scouted the fast sonic movement of the wind.. I was only going to fly side by side the plants insects and all that claimed to be in the weak army.. I need you to say its will all go away.. but it wont cause I saw the wind take me out from my window to the battle field.. you were on the opposing side I battled my fear with more courage to stay my grounds as never have I held my sword to fight the life out of this wild storm. It s a mighty scene am like donkey shot, fighting the windmill he was the accomplice on my side and you’re the victim I was going to deprive of her feelings inside.. Slid my sword into the air.. and down came the wind split in half as it dosed past my smile of victory from the 1st hit.. Felt victory by my side but the wind had other plans to grab me with the strong tide.. Place my heart in the line of fire and you were the trophy I desire.. The storm didn’t take long in its sonic tunes retaliated hard and I thought it was smooth as I was drifted from my side and my legs high floating like Sinbad’s magic carpet ride.. Lifted me up and I had nothing to hold on but the memory of you! .. I floated like a helicopter and had no one to grab me down and let me feel safe in the roar of its crazy march.. Closed my eye and felt myself telling me it’s ok your no were near death but your heart will resist ,… tunes of victory through my ears into my head…. Never have I looked for words and found enough to portray the moment I choose to depict, moment that engraved its timeline in my heart, well it was only moments I found the curse and the strength of million particles of air move its train away from the scene, revealing all beings that I considered weak bowing to the strength and thunder of the moving one way stampede. I saw the miracle the trees stood strong in confident not leaning anymore but dancing the dance of victory have I missed it all out! Have I missed the epic war, I did my only push up and stood my ground carrying my thoughts as an extra weight in my mind, never has it crossed my mind that all these weak could ever stand like I did, but to have the trees dancing the dance of victory over the circling winds that have lost and were taken captive. Listen to the silence after the battle listen to the world that brought back all you thought would lose the battle, with the mighty stampede gone as it lost its war when love was its main goal.
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