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  1. Checking to see if this avatar works, if so.... Thank you, Koach
  2. Koach, I sure hope your recovery doesn't take too long, Feel better!
  3. Happy Birthday, Blondie & a Happy Valentines day too!
  4. Have a very Happy Birthday, Simple!
  5. Have a very Happy Birthday, sandybearsmiley
  6. I think we finally got it, Stormy... thank you so very much.
  7. Lol, Testing again, i'm such a putz.
  8. LOL - I'm just testing to see if it worked.
  9. Have A Happy Birthday, tomcat !!!
  10. Hi Spike, I can see why you love your dogs so much, they are all such little cuties.
  11. A baby girl, I'm so happy for the both of you, Mr. & Mrs. eXonyte !!!
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