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  1. Recipe to follow 1 lb Self Raising Flour 4 oz Fresh Bread Crumbs 4 oz Sugar 4 oz Shredded Suet Half tsp Salt 1 tsp Mixed Spice 1 Apple Grated 8 oz Currants 12 oz Raisins Half Pint Milk 1 tbsp Treacle Mix Flour, Breadcrumbs, Sugar, Shredded Suet, Salt and Mixed Spice, Add Grated Apple, Currants and Raisins, Mix Well Stir in Milk and Treacle until well blended. Scald Cloth in boiling water, Dust with Flour , Place mixture on cloth ( 100 per cent muslin cloth ) Tie securely leaving room to swell. Have ready a large saucepan of boiling water. place a plate on the bottom of the pan and put the clootie on it Boil for 3 to 4 hours Never allow the water to fall below half the depth of the clootie. Have a kettle or pot of boiling water handy to top up the clootie pot do this approx every hour. when clootie is ready, remove cloth and plate from pan then gently cut string at top and peel back to level with plate then place a plate on top and flip over so cloth can be removed completely then reright the clootie to its origonal position and place in oven to gently dry out it then can be served with custard or cream enjoy
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