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  1. Updated screenshot for the new client.
  2. Just a little sneak peak at the script I am creating for Koach's server. Still has work to be done but it's getting there slowly.
  3. Attached is a simple advertising dialog to advertise to your rooms. This was designed by rumbar a long time ago but should still work well. simpleadvert.mrc
  4. We have done some network changes for the irc. We now have chat1.koach.com running in Sydney Australia. Users on in the geographical area should have better connections/stability using chat1 apposed to chat3 or chat4 which are in Canada. As with the other servers 6667 is the standard connection 6697 is the ssl port.
  5. We are in the process of moving the network from unrealircd to inspircd. For testing purposes to make sure scripts and what not will work correctly you can connect to the test server. chat2.koach.com 6660-6669 ssl port 6697
  6. I've added Mibbit to the site until we do the move to the new server. http://www.koach.com/chat.php
  7. We are working on a webchat option for Koach, When me move to the new server it will go live, and we will then have a couple options for users to use as a webchat
  8. Friday January 20th, 2017. All ircd's will be upgraded to the newest version. Should only be a few minutes downtime as the servers are rebooted and linked again.
  9. Eyecu

    My Truck

    Pic of my truck all done up!
  10. Image uploads should be working again. If you notice any issues please let us know and we will look into the issue further.
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