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    throwing bricks, buggin koach and I'm an avid e-mail stamp collector.
  1. Dodge


    I love Midi, what can I say. It's small, manipulatetable and most computers that have sound have 128 midi sounds built In to the motherboard or soundcard. Some or most have banks which consist of 128 sounds per bank. GM stands for general midi /me salutes the general Example and Explanation. <------ Hot Link to Midi Explanations. A Song I wrote this morning In a few different styles. The chords actually go 1: | EM7 . . . | Co7 . . . | Bm . . . | B7sus . B9sus Bm7 | | Em . . . | C . . . | B . . . | B9 . B+7 . | 2: | C . . . | Am . . . | B . . . | B . B Asus2 | | G . . . | A . . . | B . . . | B . B B | 3: | C . . . | D . . . | E . E . | E . E . | | C . . . | D . . . | E . . . | E7sus . Esus . | ECBCDEbarouqePeaceB.mid ECBCDEpianoPyrimid.mid ECBCDEdreamDance.mid ECBCDEreggae.mid ECBCDEsubmerged.mid ECBCDEtomsBeatLikeBass.mid ECBCDEcomedy.mid
  2. Amazing, first snow In 112 yrs
  3. Gidday's, Looks sortov like a catfish Stormy. The skin is sortov rough like sandpaper like a shark and no dangly bits like a catfish. I put a pic in the forums of one I caught on the cooks river and got a shot of the two spikes that stick out from behind the gills. They are deadly and you have to be very careful of them. When Gina and I were at bundeena I caught a stingray actually foul hooked It and was going to eat the wings but I had a feeling not to do It. It wasn't till we left there that I found out that the aboriginals held them sacred there. I have the same feeling about that flattie here except I ate the flattie. Put It in tinfoil with butter, salt and pepper and a couple of oranges that I got off a tree In the backyard. It was delicious. This place Is magical, It was an aboriginal meeting place and Is held sacred. I get a lot of feelings down the backyard. I tell Gina If I ever get bored with It remind me that this Is what I wanted and that I am most happy scrambling around In the mud with the fishes and wildlife. I'm sure there are bigger fish In that creek Koach, I just hope I don't run Into a bullshark when I'm swimming In there. last night the bio luminescence was happening. Everything with water on it was neon colored luminescence. The dew dripping out of the trees, the fish trails everything, Absolutely magical. I'll try and get a pic of It sometime. I want crab for lunch, no use starring at a computer monitor because they aren't going to come to me. Have a good day. Cheers.
  4. I was wondering how come you's were talking about shoes. I uploaded the wrong pic. this Is a flattie and the biggest one I've ever seen. I wish now I'd have put It back.
  5. I've never seen a flattie this big before
  6. I've never seen a flattie this big before
  7. It's a project for sure Nan, Always Interesting Koach lol I named the ducks Fitzweena, Burt and the two sons Roy and Rob, the sons look exactly the same but Roy has a real attitude and bites all the others except mum. I call them security ducks because If anyone apart from me or the gf go near the boat they quack like a gaggle of geese. They follow me around and It's pretty funny watching them waddle after me on land. The crabs a blue swimmer I just found out from showing the pic on a fishing site. I caught 2 but the first one gripped onto the mangroves, broke the line and ran away. When I get 2 or more I'm going to eat them. In fact I'm going to go get onto that now... .. .
  8. Hi, I noticed I was missing and thought I'd keep my chat life up to date. Had to get out of the city, been doing that since I first arrived here from new zealand In 1974, So, just dumped my pretty much everything. Everything. Moved up the east coast. Brought a boat. 40foot cruiser the bloke that sold it to me said
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