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Everything posted by Stormy

  1. Wall mural

    His paintings are excellently done, his carvings? Even more so. Thanks for sharing these.
  2. Wall mural

    Those are quite good. Thanks for sharing Nan.
  3. This picture looks like lave bombs in a few places.
  4. New! SuperTrivia 5.1

    Try setting the "Styles" tab as below. Let me know if that works, if not, I'll check a few more things from my setup.
  5. Dead fly

    Yuuge fly
  6. reading room

  7. The Rooster

  8. How to amuse a blonde

    SHHHHHHHHHH She's busy pressing the button.
  9. Title Required

    MIght try clicking them to see.
  10. Nan's family animals

    She is really quite the Little Lady
  11. Texan X-mas lights ?

    LOL, no lights for me, I never decorate for any holiday.
  12. Texan X-mas lights ?

  13. Who is the boss ?

  14. Brunch

    Wow, that looks good.
  15. Happy Birthday Stormy

    Thanks Casa, Koach
  16. NZ LAMB

    Baby lambs and kid goats make great pets too, like a dog almost.
  17. Glorious Insults

    My favorite among many excellent examples. Thanks Nan.
  18. Wind Turbine Blades

    Awesome driving skills.
  19. Happy Birthday, Elusive
  20. Good old hef

  21. JULY 4th

    Thanks Jacqueline5, welcome to the Koach.com forums, enjoy.
  22. Happy Birthday Tewl

    Happy Birthday Tewl.
  23. Boxer going Nuts

    I thought of her dogs when I saw that LOL.
  24. Boxer going Nuts

    From https://i.imgur.com/AlQxcEv.gifv