Wednesday December 1, 2021
Game Rooms

Play the classic Hangman game right from a chatroom!

When you join the Hangman chatroom, to play, you will need to use special commands to interact with the bot providing the game.

To begin a new game.
!hangman <letter>
To guess a letter in the phrase.
!hangman <phrase>
To guess the complete phrase.
To view top scores.

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The idea of the scramble game is to be the fastest person to guess the scrambled word.

There is only one command you need to use in the Scramble game room.

Type !word for the bot to generate a scrambled word, then when you are ready to guess the word, just send the word into the open chatroom.

An example:
Ash: !word
Fovea: Unscramble ---> nauterega
Fovea: Clue ---> assure
Fovea: First letter ---> g
Ash: guarantee
Fovea: Woohoo Ash!! You got it...guarantee

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Word Frenzy

The object of the Frenzy game is to create as many words from one larger word (the Frenzy word).

There are lots of commands you can use in the Frenzy game room.
We will list the most relevant commands.  For a full list, type
in the chatroom.

To begin a new game.
To end game.
!WFaddword <word>
To submit word to game dictionary.
To view the object of the game.

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