Wednesday December 1, 2021

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Some useful tips for our webchat!

/query - Opens a new private message with a person of your choice. Example: /query Koach Hey!
/amsg - Sends a message to every channel your on (this is also known as a global message. Example: /amsg Hey everyone!
/hop - This command makes you leave and rejoin the active channel
/j <#channel> - Join a channel. Example: /j #koachsworkshop
/part - Leave the current channel
/ignore - Ignore a chatter of your choice. Example: /ignore Fovea
/unignore - Unignore a chatter on your ignore list. Example: /unignore Fovea
/ignores - Lists all of the chatters on your ignore list
/ctcp - Sends a desired CTCP request to a chatter you specify. Valid CTCP commands: version, clientinfo, source, time, ping, finger. Example: /ctcp Koach time
/nocolor - Removes the color formatting from your messages

A few tricks, too :-)

Press the arrow keys left and right when having the focus in the text input to change between channel and query windows
Press the arrow keys up and down together with the control key when having the focus in the text input to scroll the chat window
Right click a user in the user list to see different options

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