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Using colors in mIRC

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Here's what a color popup should look like with mirc


 2(((4(((7(((8((((12(((13(((4 $1  13)))12)))9)))8)))7)))4)))2)))

The blocks are the CTRL codes for the colors, which run from 0 to 15

$! represents the first word you type after typing the aias trigger, so the actual popup in Aliases would look like this:

/hugc 2(((4(((7(((8((((12(((13(((4 $1  13)))12)))9)))8)))7)))4)))2)))

So copy and paste that line in aliases, click OK to save, then type /hugc name in a channel.


The blocks didn't show, before each number, you must press the CTRL key, Press CTRL+K then the  #, then release both.

CTRL+K for color, CTRL+B for bold, CTRL+I for italics and CTRL+U for underlined text.

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