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Steps to Registering a nick, a channel and adding a service bot to your registered channel

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Steps to Registering a name.
1] To register your nickname type: /ns register your_password your-email Make sure to use a valid email, so nickserv can send your password if you forget it. (make sure you are using the name you want to register.
2] If you're told to identify your nickname with nickserv type: /identify your_password.

Steps to Registering a Channel.
3]  To register a channel, you must be in the channel you wish to register and you must be +o, not +q or any other level. Are you in that channel? If not join it by typing /join channel_name.
4] OK, now type this: /cs register #your-Channel-name your-password description [this is just something about what the Channel is to be used for and is not really needed.

Steps to Adding a service bot to your registered channel.
5] To add a service bot, first you must decide which bot you want: Type  /bs botlist and it will show you a list in your status window.
6] When you decide which one: this can be typed in any screen:  /bs assign #Roomname Bot_Name 
7] After it's in the Channel you'll want to add some commands. One I highly recommend are Fantasia. To set Fantasia type /bs set #Room_Name fantasy ON .
8] BOTSERV commands are here

10] Info on using ACCESS to set levels is here

 , a channel and adding a service Bot to the channel

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