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February 10th, 2018: "The Keeper of the Light" by Henry van Dyke

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Please join us for our weekly literary chat in #readers_corner at 8:30 P.M. (EST) on February 10th 2018 -- 00:30 A.M. (GMT), February 11th -- for a discussion of "The Keeper of the Light" by Henry va Dyke. 

In my opinion, this week's story is one of the best we will have discussed in the past year.  Although it is a bit longer than our usual (20  pages instead of our usual 10 or so), it reads very quickly.  It is an interesting tale based in a family's understanding the responsibility and the importance of weighing responsibility against convenience and living with the correct balance.  I hope you will appreciate it as much as I.

The story is available on line at:  https://americanliterature.com/author/henry-van-dyke/short-story/the-keeper-of-the-light

Webchat address:  http://koach.com/cha...=readers_corner  

mIRC Users:  /server -m chat3.koach.com:6667 -j #readers_corner

Please note:  because the story is a bit longer than our usual, you may want to start reading it earlier in the week, especially if you are used to reading the story an hour or so before our chat.  It is well worth the extra time you devote to it.

I hope to see you all at the chat.


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