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March 11, 2017: "Amos Abrams Dreams of VR Tenure" by Daniel Torday

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Please join us for our next chat in #readers_corner at 8:30 P.M. (EST) on March 11, 2017 [01:30 A.M. (GMT), March 12th], for a discussion of Amos Abrams Dreams of VR Tenure by Daniel Torday.  This story is an offering of the Cnet.com web site most familiar to most of us as a good place to download open source and shareware applications and programs,  The story is a recent addition to Cnet's "technically literate" page that Cnet's editors hope can bridge the gap between the computer literate and those who are capable of understanding and appreciating the printed word.  This is the third story from that site which we have considered, and I am confident that it will provide the same interesting and enjoyable grist for our chat millstones to grind upon as its two predecessors.


According to the very brief biography of Daniel Tord offered:  "Daniel Torday is the author of the novel "The Last Flight of Poxl West," winner of the 2015 National Jewish Book Award for fiction. Recent work has appeared in Tin House, the Paris Review Daily, and The New York Times Book Review. He teaches at Bryn Mawr."  


Like the other Cnet stories we have discussed, the on line version is illustrated with some imaginative graphics.  They are cleverly tied to the story and I think you will enjoy them as well.


The story is available on line at:  https://www.cnet.com/news/amos-abrams-dreams-of-vr-tenure/


Webchat:  http://koach.com/cha...=readers_corner  


mIRC Users:  /server -m chat3.koach.com:6667 -j #readers_corner


I hope to see you all for the chat.  Don't forget to bring a friend.


LOG ATTACHED:  readers_corner03112017.txt

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