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Yesterday, 11:11 PM

Dearest chatters...

As many of you probably already know, I've decided to leave Koach.com This was a hard decision for me since there are so many of you that I will dearly miss. But I could no longer handle the abuse of certain people and felt that I have over stayed my welcome.


I can honestly say, this was the best server I've joined since my comic chat day's and has wonderful Admins. & Ircop's.  Walter, I have turned over my channel #AFriendlyChat to you... I hope you enjoy it as much as I did, you've always been so sweet and such a gentleman towards me and I have always felt special around you as a wonderful friend. I wish you and Laura only good thing's in your lives.


I left FueL #Somewhere since he's always wanted it and know that he also deserves it as a friend. Koach, TV_Tech, Nanakins, Star, David, Picker, Tony, engines, Hawk Well, all of you have been the best when I needed help so, I thank you.


So for that very reason & what's left of my sanity I have chosen to leave so many people I dearly care about. And just for the record all you folks that are betting I'll be back... don't place any money on that bet. The only thing I still have to this server is, the pain of losing friends and the forum.


                       Farewell, Koach.com And A very Happy And Blessed Holiday's To you all xoxoxoxox

                                                           Much Love ~~~~

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