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Simple Private Spam Blocker

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If you complain of spam in your private like Tw|tch u can use that code :)


on *:open:?:*:{

if ((*.org* iswm $1-) || (*http:* iswm $1-) || (*.com* iswm $1-) || (*.net* iswm $1-) || ($chr(35) isin $1-)) {

set %spamnick $nick

set %add $fulladdress

closemsg %spamnick

ignore %add

msg %spamnick Your messages have been auto ignored by user. Spamming detected ( $+ $ifmatch $+ ) %sc Duration : Permanent

window -e @SpamList

echo @SpamList %sc You've Ignored14 %spamnick at12 $time(h:nn tt) because of this message :4 $1-

echo @SpamList %sc To remove this user from ignore list please type /ignore -r %add

echo @SpamList -

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