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Dragon Tree

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Dragon Trees grow to a certain height, then the truck spreads, grow some more then spread the truck.

This takes years. My aunt says that tree was maybe 15 feet tall/two diameter when she was a kid and

shes 63 now. I dont know for sure the age. In the spring, the tree puts out feeler branchs that can

sometimes reach out twenty feet from the limb and when the wind blows, those feelers move like they

are searching for something. The wind blowing through the leaves makes a whispering sound

and when the wind is high, the trees sing. Hard to explain that one except its the leaves and branches

rubbing against each other. It can even sound like growls...Trees like that can get gigantic cause the

trees have very hard wood. People used to use the smaller trees for fence post cause they seldom rot.

The bobbed wire usually falls off first.

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