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Retrospect: 2007 Readers Chat Awards

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Our first #Readers_Chat was held 1-28-07.

In 2007 we had 41 scheduled sessions. *detail file is attached

The averages for all 41 sessions were:

Entertainment: 3.66

Artistic Meric: 3.35

Chat Discussion: 3.85

Overall Average: 3.70


The top 'Entertainment' individual average ranking in 2007 was 4.7 for:

our 2/25/2007 chat about The Furnished Room by O. Henry


The top 'Artisitic Merit' individual average ranking in 2007 was 4.27 for:

our 8/12/2007 discussion of Nightfall by Asimov


The top 'Chat' individual average ranking in 2007 was 4.8 for:

our 7/7/2007 chat about Cask of Amontillado by Poe

and... drumroll ....


The top all around average ranking for a story in 2007 was 4.3 for:

our 7/7/2007 chat about Cask of Amontillado by Poe


Informal awards:

Best Individual Performance in a Supporting Role: Smiley !

(for the many times he led chats while I waltzed about on golf trips)

Best Timekeeper: Koach !

(for reminders about breaks when I might have chatted on and on)

Best Question Marks: Star !

(what would we do without her to back things up a bit when its frenzied)

Best Cheerleader who loyally proclaims his love for this chat: Stormy !

What a staunch supporter and contributor - attending through hail, sleet, snow, rain and storms !


We are well underway in 2008 and I just wanted to thank all of you that made these sessions in 2007 so much fun. Lets keep it going and growing

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