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What is Readers Corner?

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The following original posting was made on 02/05/2007 by Koach when our Readers Chat was announced on Koach.com :


Ernest Hemingway once wrote a short story in just six words:


"For sale: baby shoes, never worn."


He is said to have called it his best work.


The beauty, and the horror, of Hemingway's story is that it fully stimulates our imagination using only a few words. We don't need the details; we already understand the pain and heartbreak.


As Hemingway's story illustrates, the careful selection of words is a powerful way to make a point, and to share ideas and emotions.


We have created a new chat room, #Readers_Corner, and this support forum, to discuss short stories. We select a story in advance, and then meet weekly in the chat room to discuss what we have read. We follow up that discussion here in the forum. The stories we select are available for reading on the internet and when we post the story, we'll also post the url.


After each discussion, we'll post a log of the chat. Some of the participants may want to remain anonymous, and we'll accommodate them by replacing their names in the log.


We hope you'll join us. We think you'll find it as much fun as we have

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