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    Las Vegas Nevada USA
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    Dark Shadows: darkshadowsplay.com ~ I also love B-movies, the entertainment industry, commercial and military aviation, tropical fish keeping. I keep up with climate change science and beltway politics.
  1. Lag has suggested we list what our favorite books are, great suggestion! Some of bunny's favorite books: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy ~ Tolkien Dune ~ Frank Herbert The Dispossesed ~ Ursula K. LeGuin The Left Hand of Darkness ~ Ursula K. LeGuin The Awakeners ~ Sherry Tepper The Outsiders ~ S. E. Hinton Maus ~ Art Spiegelman Sherlock Holmes ~ Conan Doyle Dracula ~ Bram Stoker Dr. Zhivago ~ Boris Pasternak The Age of Innocence ~ Edith Wharton The House of Mirth ~ Edith Wharton Tropic of Cancer ~ Henry Miller Les Miserables ~ Victor Hugo A Tale of Two Cities ~ Charles Dickens The Sleepwalkers ~ Arthur Koestler The Copernican Revolution ~ Thomas Kuhn Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man ~ James Joyce Confessions of St Augustine ~ St. Augustine The Odyssey ~ Homer The Bhagavad Gita ~ Vyasa Shivastotravali ~ Utpaladeva
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    Horror and other genre actress Barbara Steele
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