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Next Readers' Corner Meeting, December 2nd, 2017: "Trouble: The Changeling and the Phooka" by Dave Freer

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Happy Thanksgiving Readers.  Please note that there will be no Readers' Corner Meeting on the 25th of November, too many of our regulars involved in holiday related family affairs over the long weekend to have a quorum. 

Please join us for our next Readers' Corner discussion at 8:30 PM (EST) on December 2nd --1:30 AM (GMT) December 3rd for those in other time zones -- for a discussion of "Trouble:  The Changeling and the Phooka" by Dave Freer.

The story is a work of historical fiction from the the time period immediately following the Irish Rebellion of 1798.  War between the Irish and what they consider the English invaders date from King Henry II's invasion in support of his Norman relatives who had appropriated much of taken control of much of the country in the early 12th century.  The Rebellion of 1798, inspired to some extent by the success of the American and French Revolutions, ended for all practical purposes in the fall of that year with the English enjoying three crushing victories.  Minor guerilla groups continued the fight for several years thereafter.  Edmund the protagonist, son of an Irish baronet executed for his role in the rebellion or possibly a changeling with royal fey blood, must covertly travel across English occupied territory to meet with other surviving rebels.

He is aided in his travels by the ancient spirits inhabiting Ireland, the phooka being an Irish equivalent of the Norse Loki.  The story has ample humor and, while including a few rather fantastic situations, makes for an entertaining and interesting read.

The story is available from the Baen Books website in the free reads section.  It can be read online or downloaded in various e- book formats from   http://www.baen.com/readonline/index/read/sku/9781625794987

(from the free stories 2016 index page select chapter 4 on the link matrix in the left frame, or alternately  click next and from the index click on the story by name)

Webchat:  http://koach.com/cha...=readers_corner  

mIRC Users:  /server -m chat3.koach.com:6667 -j #readers_corner

Again enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday as will I.  I hope to see you all on December 2nd for what I believe will be a lively and entertaining discussion.

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